About Us

Brad Fernbaugh, Art Director

Brad has a long career of demonstrated skills as a designer and developer. Before becoming involved in the "online marketing revolution", Brad hailed from a "traditional" graphic design and print background. After working for Olympic DDB Needham in Athens, Greece he bounced back the the States and worked for several agencies in San Diego. He transitioned his 19+ years as a print designer into web development and has embraced web technologies over the past 13 years.

Brad has developed many national websites and online marketing campaigns. He is a valuable asset for our Clients as he brings the ability to "see" how online communications can best live in their environment—and has the technical understanding to deliver that vision.

Craig Noll, Lead Developer

With more then 10 years' experience in the industry, Craig Noll has assembled a diverse portfolio of work that includes e-commerce, travelbooking, social media integration, SEO, database management, custom back-end systems, mobile site/app development, and more. With a keen attention to detail, Noll is heavily focused on providing a high quality experience for website visitors. His dedication to marring form with function led him to develop DevDiego's proprietary Content Management System (CMS), MyMin. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Noll brings a uniquely global perspective to site design and development.